January 26th, 2021

Effective March 1st, 2021
All drawings will be changed
 to 7:00PM
with the exception of the daily drawing,

 that will be conducted each morning
other than Sunday
due to being closed.

Thank You,

Stay safe and stay healthy.
Board of Trustees

* * * *


Queen of Hearts Update

Many of our members have been asking the question of when we are going to start our Queen of Hearts drawing again. Due to COVID19, we are not permitted to conduct the drawing at this time because of the social distancing requirements due to the amount of people that attend per the guidelines set by the state and the Massillon City Health Department.  As soon as these restrictions are removed, we will start the drawing again. We miss seeing our members who attend this function every week who support our aerie.

Thank You

Board Of Trustees

* * * *

Our Mission Statement

The Fraternal Order of Eagles, an International non-profit organization, unites fraternally in the Spirit of Liberty, Truth, Justice and Equality to make human life more Desirable by lessening its ills and by promoting Peace, Prosperity, Gladness and Hope.

People Helping People

The Eagles claim many great social and political leaders on their rolls from Theodore Roosevelt to Ronald Reagan.  Harry S. Truman often reiterated that the Eagles was his type of organization, funded by and for the common people.

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Meet the Officers

Lane Frankie
Randolf Garnett
Jacob Gifford
Brant Austen
Hillary Harvy
Timothy Osbourne
Lynn Derron
Samantha Perry

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We are the Massillon Eagles, Aerie #190 of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. We donate over $100,000 per year to local charities.


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