· Parents or grandparents are required to be members of the Massillon Eagles Aerie 190.

· You can’t apply if you are receiving a full scholarship
from a college.

·   You must apply online starting December 15, 2022
through April 1, 2023 at

· The Jimmy Kiefer scholarship requirements are listed at the website:

Any questions, please contact Melissa Elsfelder at or by phone 234-458-2905.

Thank You

Massillon Eagles 190

Jimmy Kiefer Scholarship Committee

Our Mission Statement:

The Fraternal Order of Eagles, an International non-profit organization, unites fraternally in the Spirit of Liberty, Truth, Justice and Equality to make human life more Desirable by lessening its ills and by promoting Peace, Prosperity, Gladness and Hope.

People Helping People:

The Eagles claim many great social and political leaders on their rolls from Theodore Roosevelt to Ronald Reagan. Harry S, Truman often reiterated that the Eagles was his type of organization, funded by and for the common people.